Wednesday, December 10, 2008

HerzHaft and Give Piece of Ass a Chance

Nigah invites you>>

to a screening and discussion with Pramada Menon and Rahul Singh of two short films which explore notions of consent.

'What is consent?'
'Are the issues in relation to consent in queer relationships different?'
'How can we manage perceptions of consent in a queer context?'

Join us to discuss these and other questions raised by the films.
Date: 12th December 2008
Time: 7pm
Venue: The Attic, Regal Building, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Germany (
2007, 15 Minutes
Language: German *English Sub-Titles*
Director: Martin Busker

This film explores notions of consent through the forbidden love between a 33 year-old football coach and one of his 15 year old players.

Give Piece of Ass a Chance
Canada (
2006, 16 Minutes
Language: English *English Sub-Titles*
Director: Bruce LaBruce

Give Piece of Ass a Chance is the third in a series of porn produced by The Scandelles starring their alter egos, The Partistes. It shows the inception of these characters as a group of anti-war sex terrorists who kidnap a munitions heiress and fuckwash her using her family's deadly legacy. GPAC pokes loving fun at the misguided but consequential anti-war, anti-bourgeois and feminist groups of the early '70s and '90s and the media's natural obsession with their innate sexiness. The Scandelles set out to make porn based on genre and this one pays tribute to the political stylings of Bruce LaBruce, directed by the man himself.

Come join us and spread the word!

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