Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nigah Presents: "How Do I Look" a film about American kothis

Saturday, 13 September 6:30PM
The Attic in Connaught Place, Regal Theater Building (near the People Tree)

Fabulous, fierce and free. Many may have heard of the social dance known as Vogueing in the Black & Latino poor and working class communities in urban America- those that rebelled that faithful morn in '69 at a bar called Stonewall, giving rise to the modern Gay Liberation movement. Some may have even seen 1990's Paris is Burning and felt uncomfortable with the film's voyeuristic gaze.  And this community even defies language: Somehow, descriptions like effeminate, and labels like transvestite, transgender, transexual or even gay, lesbian and bisexual simply do not do the community any justice. Finally, a film with its own voice.

From Wikipedia: 
How Do I Look is a "showcase" of the talent of the Ballroom community. It follows several famous artists, such as Willi Ninja, Kevin Ultra-Omni, Octavia St. Laurent and Jose Xtravaganza. The film interviews its artists about their experiences with Ball competitions and the challenges faced by the Ball community, including persistent social misconception, drug use, sex work, acceptance of sexuality and gender, and HIV/AIDS.

Do join us for film, folks and fun!

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